Teaching Philosophy

 Ever since I was a young girl, I have been passionate about bringing people together through music and theater. In 2nd Grade I wrote, directed and produced a musical comedy adaptation of  The Candy Lady in the classroom, encouraged by my amazingly supportive teacher Mrs. Shingler. I’ve been singing, dancing and telling stories ever since, and I love sharing this passion with my students.

As a voice, drama and communications coach, I meet students of all ages exactly where they are at, helping uncover their unique gifts – “you are the only you out there.”  Through focusing on the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – we build vocal and dramatic skills that translate into all areas of life beyond performing arts.

I believe in lifting students up – helping them stand with confidence and feel fully prepared for anything. We work together to build skills that last, all the while uncovering a unique spirit, voice and story.

– Susan Haefner, Founder
Little Yellow House Studio

Singing with Susan is my favorite hour of the week! Being around her joy, enthusiasm, positivity and support has helped me rebuild my confidence as a singer after leaving professional theatre years ago. Susan also has a unique playful spirit and uses creative exercises that allow the voice to open without even trying. But perhaps the most profound part of working with Susan is that she has helped me find MY voice. She weaves mindfulness and self awareness into all of her instructions supporting me to find my unique vocal expression as well as the deeper meaning in a song that helps me express my soul to music.
Darshana Weill