High School Master Classes, Workshops and Residencies

VIEWPOINTS: magic in time and space

A hands-on, practical and innovative approach to collaboration and improvisation in theatre. Based on Anne Bogart and the SITI company’s groundbreaking technique “Viewpoints”, this workshop will ignite participants’ imagination and bring new insight to unlocking the power of the ensemble and creating dynamic moments in theatre.


SHOES: the personal story project

You never really know someone until you step into their shoes.

In this original monologue workshop, students will uncover the power of personal stories and their potential to build bridges of understanding, compassion, and connection.


TRIPLE THREAT: musical theatre workshop

Susan Haefner will offer a taste of what it feels like to be in a Broadway show. Participants will have an opportunity to learn a brief Broadway-style musical theatre number – singing, dancing, and acting…all at the same time!


Workshops, master classes and residencies of any length are available.

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Susan teaching a master class at Our Lady of Mercy High School in Rochester, NY.