Collectus - Support Teams for Creatives

So excited about what my colleague and dear friend Sara Brians is building. Check out the Collectus website and join the mailing list to find out more. So many free events to spark creativity! I attended Josh Walden’s choreography workshop last month and am still buzzing from all the new inspiration.

Check out The Broadway Pause, a great new blog by Broadway's Natalie Wisdom

"I've spent the last six months of the pandemic interviewing many of the resilient performers, stage managers, stage hands, musicians, creatives, and theatre leaders in the professional theatre industry. Their stories have comforted and inspired me, and I hope they do the same for you." - Natalie Wisdom

Broadway Songs that Feature Tap Numbers

While we wait for Broadway to return live, perhaps some of this music featuring tap numbers will bring some joy. Studio founder Susan Haefner performed in two of these shows on Broadway (Thoroughly Modern Millie and 42nd Street).

Check out Susan’s voice teacher's best selling book, The Singing Athlete.

“If you love singing, the brain, and the body, you’ve come to the right place.” - Andrew Byrne

Little Yellow House Studio artist Lisa Brigantino on The Joe Costello Show
Music Business Podcast

Lisa chats with friend and fellow SUNY Fredonia alum Joe Costello about
being a musician and entrepreneur
in today's music business.

Opera Singers Help Covid-19 Patients Learn to Breathe Again

Check out this article about literally breathing through these times, and opera singers bringing healing to Covid patients.