Only two more weeks to see Clybourne Park, what Jim Ruocco calls “master class theatre.”

Littleyellowhousestudio/ November 8, 2023/ Latests News

“This is master-class theatre performed by a master class ensemble of seven who tackle the play’s bold take on race relations, liberal arguments and neighborhood community history and with edgy persuasion, bullishness and relevant vitality…In the dual roles of Bev, a lovely, meaningful 1950’s housewife and Kathy, an intelligent real estate broker with a wicked sense of humor and mood-kill buzz, [Little Yellow House Studio founder] Susan Haefner, as both actress and artist, delivers two brilliant character turns that make great use of her talents, her extraordinary dramatic range, her masterful wheel of input and characterization and her instinctive, flip delivery of the playwright’s acidic one-liners.”
– Jim Ruocco

Read the entire review HERE. Get tickets to Clybourne Park at Music Theatre of Connecticut HERE.

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