Everything I Know in Life I Learned From A Musical

Littleyellowhousestudio/ April 26, 2021/ Latests News

Little Yellow House Studio founder Susan Haefner is excited to join forces with New Thought Vermont again, after leading an Incredible Lightness of Love movement and story workshop in February…

Everything I Know in Life I Learned from a Musical

4 week virtual course presented by New Thought Vermont

What can musicals teach us about connection, curiosity, and how we navigate through life? In this 4 week course, Broadway veteran and Andover resident Susan Haefner will lead an interactive discussion (in our virtual community) about musicals, focusing on insightful takeaways from one of the country’s most popular art forms. Through audio, video, readings, discussions and perhaps a little demonstration, we will not only learn about various Musical Theater styles, but also focus on how musicals entertain, enlighten, and even illuminate valuable life lessons.”

Dates TBA.  Keep an eye on our EVENTS page for more info coming soon…

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